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Staying focused by communicating

 Recently I have been thinking about how my productivity tends to vary a lot depending on some arbitrary context. It tends to change a lot between projects or even between different points of time for the same project, which often results in jumping between various small things continuously without ever getting anything big done.

At the same time it somehow has never been an issue at my daily job despite the fact it is about almost the same technological stack (and even kind of projects) as my hobby stuff. If anything, it somehow was an issue to switch from the work projects to something else!

It seems I have found an answer and it surprised me a lot - feels like the key to my engagement in a project is being able to work on it as part of a team. It wouldn't be that surprising normally but I am quite infamous for being rather asocial person :) But no matter if I actually collaborate in writing code or simply have someone interested in same project to regularly discuss related topics, it makes a great difference in my ability to stay focused.

With that in mind I probably can't call myself a geek anymore - because a true geek is supposed to get enough fun and passion from technology itself, with no concerns if it is relevant or applicable to anything or anyone :)


OOP composition with mixins

 I gave a very small talk for a recent Berlin D meetup about approaches to make OOP style designs more robust with tools available in D. Normally I am quite quite skeptical about OOP in general and prefer to write code in a mix of functional and generic style but often there is that big chunk of old code that works just fine and you are not going to rewrite it just to switch the paradigm. Tweaking slightly for improved maintainability totally makes sense though.


Nothing more to remove

 I must admit I am being tempted to keep this ("life") post feed empty because, obviously, I have no life.


In the mood for some releasing

 TL; DR:

Lack of self-hosted blog platform that could suit my preferences has been bothering me for a while. Pretty much everything open-sourced out there was some PHP monstrosity that would require you to spend half a day configuring application server and SQL database to just get started. All to get half a second load times for single user for something that is effectively a static HTML page.

Purely static generators seemed to work much better but I wanted a bit more power and flexibility. What if eventually I want to add comment support? Or anything else dynamic? In the end I decided to have finally write some D project purely for fun, something I haven't done for ages.

That is how mood was born. Several evenings worth of spare time and poking fellow web developer to create a simple design and I got the thing working - at least good enough to power this specific blog :)


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